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Zing! №1

Funny questions for amaZing! day

It's time for the new Zing! rubric - we give you funny quesitons, you try to guess the right answer! We expect your answers as comments below and we'll reveal the correct answer on Friday (8th of February) at 5 pm.
And stay tuned for more Zing! questions!

At the beginning of the World War I the British soldiers were at the front without helmets. At one point the Head Quarters decided that it would be better to give the soldiers helmets to protect the soldiers. Surprisingly the result was ...  dramatic increase of the head wounded soldiers!
Seeing these statistics, the Head Quarters were shocked and immediately decided that helmets should be removed because apparently they were harming the soldiers.
Luckily they did not…

Q: How come the number of soldiers, registered in the field hospital with head wounds, increased shortly after they got helmets?

Answer: Before the soldiers' were being given the helmets, they died and were registered as "killed in action". After they received the helmets the cases of those wounded in the head increased while the "killed in action" registrations decreased. Congratulations for Filip Yanachkov for his correct guess!