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All blue-eyed people are cousins

Blue eyes are due to a gene mutation

A team from the university in Copenhagen discovered that the blue eye color is due to a gene mutation, which appeared about 6-10 000 years ago around the Black Sea. Originally all of the people had brown eyes, but a mutation which appeared in the gene OCA2 in our chromosomes led to the inclusion of the possibility for blue eyes. This gene codes the so-called P-protein, which is responsible for the production of melanin – the pigment which produces the eye, skin and hair colors. But the mutation doesn`t "except" the whole gene. If it was like this, the human species wouldn`t have any eye, skin or hair color. This condition is occurred, but it`s rare – in the albinos. The varieties in the eye color from brown to green can easily be explained with the amount of the melanin in the iris.
In blue-eyed people, however, there is no variation in the melanin. From this, the researchers concluded that every blue-eyed person in the world has the same ancestor. They inherited from him this mutated gene. In brown-eyed people there are different varieties in the color- from greenish to hazel, to dark, even black-like brown. This means that they have different varieties in this DNA sector, which controls the production of melanin.