Списание Осем

The sperm can actually smells the egg

the male sex cell is armed with special receptors for easier orientation

The smell informs us of our environment. Some scents are pleasant, others- not so much. This usually is a warning for avoiding the stinky object, because it probably can harm us and this mostly refers to the choice of food. Smells matter for reproduction process too. Many species developed an ability to catch chemical signals, also known as pheromones.

They give information not only for the preparedness of the partner, but also if he is a valuable partner at all. Is there such kind of mechanism within humans, it`s still unknown, because it isn`t certified that the human nose has receptors for pheromones. But does this mean that smells do not have participation in the reproduction process?

Recent studies show that the male sex cell - the spermatozoid owns receptors for a substance, which is close to the flower scent. Turns out that the spermatozoid can actually smell roses! The scientists believe that these detectors help him move towards the egg, and are relevant to his speed and navigation.