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Dr. Xiaolan Zhao: Trust life!

About the secret of good health, the proper nutrition with alkaline food and the emotions as mankind’s worst enemy - meet a world renowned specialist in traditional Chinese medicine

Dr. Xiaolan Zhao worked as a surgeon in the city of Kunming. Later on she moved to Canada. During a seminar, she practiced techniques of the Chinese traditional medicine, which she learned from her grandmother. She did it in order to help her colleagues, suffering from headaches, depression and other conditions, the treatment for which Western medicines were unsuccessful. She did excellent and everyone advised her to continue practicing Chinese medicine. Zhao went back to China, learned the system of her ancestors and founded a clinic in Toronto. For a short period of time she became so popular that she couldn't keep up with the increasing number of clients.
Therefore, Xiaolan decided to share her experience in books, so that the priceless knowledge could reach more people. The doctor is visiting Bulgaria for the second time. After the huge interest in her first book "Reflections of the Moon on Water", published by Kibea, the time has come for her second handbook about radiant health – "Inner Beauty". In easy and straightforward language Xiaolan tells about her story and experience, with which she manages to overcome the gap between the cultures and methods of the Western and Eastern medicine. In her book, she gives recipes to everyone about how to take care of their physical and emotional health and beauty.

Dr. Zhao, what is the first and most important thing that people should know about their health?
-In both books I wrote, I wanted to show that there is a rational way to take care of our health, which has been practiced for thousands of years by our grand- and grand-grandparents. We all come from the same natural environment and it's preferable to live according to its laws. One should take responsibility for their own health, not rely on only medical assistance. Once sick, one realizes that we, doctors, are here to help, but each of us can do a lot in the care of themselves, so that we don't get sick at all. 90% of our health care is in our own hands.

Can everything be healed with the methods of the traditional Chinese medicine?
-Many people come to me with a question if it cures illnesses, perceived by the West as
incurable. The truth is that in Chinese medicine, illnesses are not classified as they are in the West, and there is not a universal way of treating them. Everything is concentrated on the particular patient and his symptoms, which show some kind of imbalance in their vital energy, in Chinese called chi. We don't examine the organism as a machine with separate parts, which break, but as a complete system – holistic. Body-emotions-mind are constantly connected and are different by each of us. There are patients, who come to us with the same symptoms but their lives, diets, age are different. In the traditional
Chinese medicine both the individual approach as well as the cooperation of the patient are compulsory. There is no doctor that can cure you if you don't responsibly take your part of your health's care.

What does Chinese medicine say about sex?
- (Laughing.) It is very important for the inner beauty, health and long life. According to the Chinese medicine, in order to not lose their strength, men should learn to have sex without ejaculating.

Is that true?
- Completely. In the Taoist tradition, from which medicine originates, it's believed that everything one does: sleeping, eating, even in sex, is not a matter of pleasure only. The essence is harmony. If you live in harmony with the natural rhythm of the nature, you will be filled with health and you won't get sick. According to Tao, sperm is a very important substance and shouldn't be wasted in vain. It suits for the continuance of the family and it's negatively reflected in the strength of the man itself if it's being constantly wasted. China has a number of Tao masters, who teach men of techniques and exercises about reaching an orgasm without ejaculating. A number of studies along these lines have been conducted, which also prove the beneficial effects on health. In this way the man can reach multiple orgasms, the same way a woman can.

Isn't this harmful for a man?
- Exactly the opposite. The frequent ejaculation is considered as counter indicative even in the Western medicine, because every time the prostate balloons there is a danger it might stay in that way. In Europe and the USA, men suffer twice as much from prostate cancer, compared to the Chinese, because they ejaculate more frequently.

As far as I know breast cancer is a rare condition in China…
- Exactly, not only in China, but mostly in Japan. I think there are two reasons for that...

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