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The sweet healer

Stevia can clean and balance the organism, it helps with children diseases

The Steviol glycoside, an extract form the herb stevia and the world's sweetest natural sweetener, can safely replace sugar in our drinks and food in contrast to the widely used chemical substance – aspartame. Our frequent readers know this from the history of the sweet herb, which was published in our issue from 8/2010. However, it turns out that there is a lot more to the herb than we already knew. Apart from its ability to sweeten, the plant has many other qualities which are good for our health.

Research of the herb's properties began in the remote 1931. The French chemists Bridelle and Livelle confirmed it's safe for consummation. Since December 2013 Steviol glycoside – a sweet extract from the plant – is officially a part of the European union's food safety ballot.
For decades scientists have had their attention focused on their striving for isolating and researching namely them – the substances to which the plant owes its sweet taste.


During an experiment during the 80s in France which compared saccharin, cyclamate and Stevia the herb showed its ability to regulate high levels of blood sugar. From then on in Brazil, Japan, Russia and India series of laboratory experiments have been conducted in order to prove its healing properties. Except for its influence on insulin scientists have determined the anti-hypertonic and antioxidant effects of the herb. It's said to be more powerful in form of potion (tea) from stevia leaves than in form of steviol glycoside. „How does stevia work?" – we asked dr. Dima Todorova, a pediatrist and anesthetist at the Centre for quantum medicine, who uses the tea for detoxification of her patients.

Penka Georgieva, 68 years.:

I learned about stevia from Magazine Ossem – because high blood pressure caused me big troubles I decided to try something new. Since October 2010 I've been drinking the herb's tea. Everyday I make myself a cup of tea from a teaspoon of leaves.
The first month I combined it with kefir milk and gradually my blood pressure started to normalise. These problems I had had for 30 years but just for a month I succeeded in lowering my values from 180/80 to 140/80 – something which pills couldn't manage.
I have another pile of illnesses and 1 group invalidity-I've had diabetes for 15 years, I've had two heart attacks, I had to have a part of my foot amputated due to consequences from diabetes. Each month I would spend over 100lv for medications and they still weren't enough.
Today I don't need those – I only take insulin and rarely a pill for my blood pressure because my values are now at a stable 120/80.
After my blood pressure normalised, results would come one after the another – I had periodontitis – it disappeared fully, I don't have my bone pains in my leg as well.


Stevia is a member of a group of plants called adaptogens which raise the organism's resistance against stress, trauma and fatigue and work prophylactic against illnesses,explains dr. Todorova. According to her, stevia taken in in form of tea or cold extract has a general strengthening and toning effect, it lowers nerve system pressure without causing drowsiness, it improves memory, brain and cardiac activity, normalises blood pressure and regulates blood sugar.
According to Dr. Todorova, all the properties of stevia are based on its one ability to throw toxins away from the cell into the extracellular volume.
All the other effects of stevia are said to be a result from this.

How we get intoxicated and how stevia helps us get rid of the toxins read on the pages of issue 2/2013 of magazine Ossem!