Списание Осем

You will know them by the hands

What do the palms of three presidents tell us about them?

Rossen Plevneliev, president of Bulgaria:

This is a clear and predictable hand. It also implies that the man is highly intelligent, trustful and good willing. Reason governs his life, it leads his existence entirely. He is capable of weighing up all the positive and negative sides of a particular situation before he takes action. He has lived like that until now and that has earned him a lot of friends as well as foes who are watching his every step. Plevneliev knows that he is a trustful person by nature and he is careful about not taking decisions too quickly. His power of reason is connected to his big willingness for self- improvement. He always knows that he has to learn more which is not a flaw. On the contrary, it gives him an advantage in a lot of cases when future plans are at stake. The Bulgarian president is a man of strong will, he takes decisions once he is convinced they are right. He thinks through options vigorously, but once he has decided on something he follows the principle:

"Do what you have to do, let anything happen."

Together with his intelligence, this is his strongest quality. The long consideration of outcomes in difficult situations, however, could be used by his enemies. They are well aware of that and create obstacles and problems for him. His ultimate power is the ability to organize the intellectual potential of the people around him. This hand belongs to a man who is passionately involved with science. Reason is usually related to Mercury - the god of practical abilities, in this case to the development of scientific and technical ideas.
This also helps him when it comes to the social sphere. His marriage will be long, but it will lack warm feelings while his life will be long, without any particular challenges.

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia:

He has a big hand of a leader with a lot of curves. This man is capable of finding his way and taking decisions in critical situations really fast. He has also been through a lot of challenges and tests including an accident involving fire. These hard times have build him as a person who does not trust any situation easily, especially dilemmas where feelings are involved. Crucial characteristics of his hand are practicality and the right assessment of pros and cons of people and circumstances. This is what the lines of fate, reason and
heart hold. Apart from that, this is a really strong personal quality which is based on carefulness and stubbornness on the way of achieving goals. Nevertheless, it could also suggest that it is hazardous and double sided because of excessive suspicions and skepticism which might slow down or move away from the process of reaching the right decisions.

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Barak Obama, president of U.S.:

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