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Maya Karkalicheva traveled 15,000 kilometers in the U.S. before she fell in love with the beauty of the Bulgarian mountains

photos by Maya Karkalicheva
photos by Maya Karkalicheva
Up in the mountain is the real source of energy, of all pure and natural. You release your thoughts and forget everything earthly and problematic, and you can only to move forward


Somehow I see the mountains horizontally. Even if they soar really high, I see them the way my eyes see the world, and it is rather large. I rarely see vertical elements. It is just that my soul sees at length...


Each Bulgarian mountain has its own charm and charisma. But one of them is the first in my heart - Pirin! More alpine, steep, rough and rocky. All the difficulties one faces while climbing it, makes it more attractive. Rila is more "feminine" spilled in many places, with more grass.
Pirin is the embodiment of the man and it is somehow natural that a woman is attracted to him.


Near the lake "Beglika." The fog is formed when the water is much warmer than the air.

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