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Forgive to heal yourself

an interview with engineer Todor Todorov who cured from MS

Toshko, tell us exactly how you realised that you need to forgive in order to heal?

T.T.: My life, ever since the day I was born, has been a line of betrayals, a line of very heavy and difficult life situations. I have been seriously abused since I was very young. I had even came to the moment when I tell my parents '' Come on, beat me so I can go to bed''.
My father used to hit me with his belt, kick me with shoes…. Today I know,  that namely this was the reason I became ill with multiple sclerosis (MS).
I even remember the precise moment in which I activated this program. Back then there were coupons for bread, which I had put in my socks, but while I was playing football I seemed to have frayed them… My mother really beat me up that day. She kicked me with her high heels under the table. I just laid there and cried. And I told to myself: ''you are hitting me, but I will become ill and I will punish you''.
When I eventually became ill I went back to that moment, I saw all that and… I knew that I have to forgive. I had to forgive them because of myself, because of the hatred smothering me.

How did you realize that?

T.T.: I understood that there is a connection between human emotions and the illnesses of the physical body. Humans have energy bodies, one of them is the emotional body and
it is the most refined one. And the most devastating vibrations, which damage it, are fear, guilt and hatred. When the emotional body is shifted, it leads to changes in all other fields and stops the transmission of energy throughout the physical body. If this kind of vibration persists a long time in the emotional body, it begins to interfere with the body s energy feeding mechanism and eventually the person gets ill. With the device we use to measure a person's energy system (PERESVET – a device of the Russian association of quantum medicine, developed by doctor Reinhard Voll – see issue 3/2009) we discovered that in the case of MS, cancer and all other severe illnesses, there was a total energy depletion of the patients. The first measurement I had done showed the same. It was frightening!
Also, when talking to patients, which is mainly Dima's (Toshko's life companion) responsibility in the centre, it becomes clear that always all seriously ill patients constantly maintain one of 3 heavy vibrations – fear, guilt or hatred. Always! And those can be removed only by forgiveness!

And how exactly did you forgive?

T.T.: Firstly I forgave my father. He was an alcoholic. He used to come home every night between 1- 2 AM and beat us. Because I was already grown, my mother used to hide behind me and I'd take all the beating. He pulled a gun at us, he shot in my hands. I used to study in a technical school, I'd spend a whole day delineating my
coursework and in the evening he'd come home and rip my drawings. I'd wait for him to fall asleep so I can start drawing again, so I can have a project by morning. I had gathered unbelievable malice towards this person. I'd even kick his shoes every time I saw them. One night I was seeing off a friend to the train station and because it was really late and really cold, I went to my parents'
apartment next to 'Zaimov' park.I was as frozen as a dog, my mom poured some soup for me to eat. It was like I was swallowing rocks – because he was drunk again. And he would not shut up. '' You are an idiot, you are stupid, I am going to slay you…'' Then I got up, took a big knife from the kitchen, ripped my shirt and said to him: '' Come on do it! You want to kill me right, you want to slay me, come on do it! Let us get this over with!'' He was aghast; he took the knife with two fingers and threw it on the ground. I got up over the table and grabbed him by the scruff tightly. I bent his head down, kissed him on the forehead and said: '' I love you too". From that day until his death, he did not say a bad word to me. I just overcame the spite, which I have been gathering since I was a child, and I said to myself – I will forgive him… The most interesting part is that he instantly became absolutely sober that night, and we stayed up until 5 o'clock talking like father and son, for the first time.

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